Create Beautiful, Photorealistic 3D Environments in Blender 2.8


Scale Matching

You will Use the fSpy to match references

Plants Creation

You will Use the fSpy to match references

Cloth Simulation

You will Learn Physics Simulation


You will Build 3D Scene that matches your references

  • Build Every Object in the Scene: Walls, Stairs, Pipes, Signs…
  • Learn All the Modeling Tools that you will Need
  • Create a Realistic, Optimized & Efficient Modeling
  • Have a Game Ready Environments

You will Practice 3D Modeling by Creating multiple objects:

  • Buildings & Shops
  • Street Poles
  • Stairs & Staircase
  • Small & Large Pipes
  • Pavement Tiles
  • Chairs & Tables
  • Swimming Pool

Please Watch this Preview

Learn The 5 Rules for Achieving Photorealistic Lighting

Why Lighting is Important?

Lighting is what gives your scene it’s real feeling. All your efforts of modeling and texturing won’t matter if the lighting is horrible.. So you have to do it Right!!

Match the Same Lighting of your Reference

Be Flexible to Choose Any Lighting Style You Want

Good lighting tells the story, affects the mood and helps the viewer relate to your scene

You Will Learn Awesome Techniques

Fluid Simulation

We will create an Animated Wet Sand that update itself along with the movement of the beach