Course: Maldive Island

Learn Photorealism: Create a Maldive Island in Blender 2.8

Course Rating: 4.7/5

Step by Step Course to Teach You How to Achieve Photorealism in Blender 2.8

About This Course

In this Class You will Learn the Basics and Principles of Achieving Photorealism by Working on a real reference example of a Maldive Island: Something that exists in Real Life.

No Other Software’s Are Required!! All You need is Blender and Blender Only

You Will Learn everything You need to turn any image reference into a high quality realistic 3D scene in Blender

Grab the reference image “Maldive Island” and apply the exact same steps from image to final render.

– Step 1: Install & Use fSpy add-on to match the exact scale of our reference

– Step 2: Build the scene and add all the details in our reference

– Step 3: Create all materials needed (by following the instructions)

– Step 4: Assign the materials to their objects in Blender 2.8

– Step 5: Set the correct lighting in our scene

– Final Step: Render the scene & Create a Final Animation

Course Curriculum

– Scale Matching Using fSpy

– Build a Basic Scene

– Best Tip for Realistic Modeling

– Wicker Roof Creation

– Wicker Baking & Texturing

– Chair & Table Creation

– Cloth Simulation

– Creating the Big Tents

– Swimming Pool – Part 1: Creating the Base

– Swimming Pool – Part 2

– Creating a Palm Tree

– Palm Tree – Baking the Trunk

– Palm Tree – Baking the Leaves

– Create Plants & Leaves (using the Sapling tree)

– Create The Fluid Components

– Set & Explain the Fluid Settings

– Adjust the Wave Maker Shape & Set the Stickiness Settings

– Adjusting the Floor & Smoothing the Ocean Fluid

– Create Realistic Ocean Shader

– Assign Sand Texture

– Baking The Sand Texture

– Create a Realistic Wet Sand Effect

– Wicker Material: Texturing the Tents

– Texturing the Rest of the Scene

– Texturing The Swimming Pool

– Set the Correct Lighting & Rendering the Scene

– Best Rendering Settings in Blender 2.8

– Compositing Settings

– Final Animation

About The Instructor

I’m a 3D Designer and a Software Developer. I firmly believe that Photorealism is gonna be one of the most valuable skills in the near future. There is alot of opportunities for CGI artists: VFX, Gaming, Movies & Series. More than 6 years in the 3D Industry and i humbly admit i’ve got alot more to learn.

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